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5-seater Leather Executive Sofa

Original price was: KSh 98,000.00.Current price is: KSh 78,000.00.


Luxurious Seating for the Elite

Introducing our 5-Seater Leather Executive Sofa, where opulence and comfort seamlessly merge to redefine your office space.

Supreme Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this executive sofa boasts top-notch craftsmanship. The high-quality leather upholstery exudes sophistication, while the sturdy frame ensures durability for years to come.

Spacious Elegance

Experience the epitome of spacious seating. The 5-seater configuration provides ample room for executives, clients, or team members, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and idea exchange.

Ergonomic Excellence

Designed with ergonomic principles in mind, each seat offers optimal lumbar support and cushioning. Sink into the plush comfort that promotes focus and productivity during those crucial meetings and discussions.

Versatile Arrangement

Adaptable to various office layouts, the modular design allows for versatile arrangement options. Tailor your seating arrangement to suit your space and meet the unique needs of your office environment.

Timeless Aesthetics

The classic leather upholstery, paired with a contemporary design, ensures that this executive sofa remains a timeless piece in any office setting. Elevate the aesthetics of your workspace with this statement of refined elegance.

Seamless Transition from Work to Relaxation

Strike the perfect balance between work and relaxation. The 5-seater leather executive sofa effortlessly transforms your office into a space where business meets comfort, making it ideal for both formal discussions and casual interactions.

Upgrade your office space with the epitome of sophistication – the 5-Seater Leather Executive Sofa, where luxury and functionality harmoniously coexist. Redefine your workspace today.


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