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Mesh office visitor’s chair

Original price was: KSh 11,000.00.Current price is: KSh 7,500.00.

Discover the widest range of office chairs in Kenya that meet superior quality and affordable prices. We have various designs, colors, functionalities.

  • maintain a breathable and fresh sitting feeling, the mesh has a strong tear resistance, and provides a comfortable back for the back.
  • Integrated reinforced armrest design, selection of durable thick steel pipe material, and the fit of the armrest piece
  • Widened and enlarged seat cushion, built-in high-density environmental protection sponge, long-term sitting without deformation.
  • Thickened arched feet, thickened arched feet enhance the stability of the seat, more durable and stable
  • Bow frame support: non-slip, silent feet, high-quality PP plastic, anti-scratch, double-layer steel tube with high load-bearing strength and durability



Comfortable chair

Give your healthy life an ergonomic design, breathable and durable to give a different quality of life

1 ventilated seat

Breathable chair face is a breathable material that is fine, durable and breathable. It is breathable and comfortable.

2 A comfortable chair with large backrest design, giving the waist a strong support, reducing lumbar pressure, comfort and care about your health,

3 metal plating process

Metal plating process


The metal is durable, the design concept of fashion and love, fashion upgrade.

4 wear-resistant anti-slip mat Wear non-slip MATS

The base is inlaid with high-strength mats and has a high density.

Anti-wear and pressure, fully protect your land



5 load bearing strength

Strongbearing orce is made of carefully crafted materials. It is strong and durable.


6 soft cushion

The soft cushion


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