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4-Door steel office storage cabinet

Original price was: KSh 28,500.00.Current price is: KSh 25,499.00.

What determines the quality of file cabinets in a filing room? In addition to the raw materials used in production, there is also the production technology, the manufacturing process and the quality and level of installation. A filing cabinet at a very low price may be manufactured with substandard materials, not to mention craftsmanship. If you want a high-quality filing cabinet, look for a filing cabinet manufacturer that uses high-quality cold-rolled steel. High quality cold-rolled steel can guarantee the load-bearing capacity and the load of file cabinets in the archives room.

Product Name:  Factory directly office filing cabinet design 4 door grey file storage cabinet 
Model No: XD-006
Size: H1850*W900*D400mm or Customized 
Materials:  High Quality Cold Rolled Steel 
Thickness: 0.4mm-1.5mm For Optional 
Surface Environment Powder Coating
Color Gray


The manufacturing technology is the guarantee of the production of filing cabinets.A file cabinet produced by a manufacturer with good manufacturing skills will not have a straight plate, bend rigid situation.The manufacturing technology of the manufacturer is not good, which is directly reflected in the file cabinet. The welding is not neat, the steel plate shearing and folding is very burr, coupled with uneven spraying, color difference and so on.

The transportation and installation level of file cabinets can reflect the level of the manufacturer’s production of file cabinets. Generally speaking, the transportation of file cabinets is disassembly and assembly transportation, and the file cabinet manufacturer provides door-to-door installation service of file cabinets. The firmness and stability of the whole file cabinet frame body is not only affected by the quality of production, but also the installation technology. The experienced installation team can not only save the installation time, but also directly avoid many problems that may occur in the later period of use for customers.

The quality of file cabinets produced by this manufacturer can be directly judged from the aspects of raw materials, manufacturing technology and transportation and installation of file cabinets.  Not sure which file cabinet manufacturer to buy or to go through multiple comparisons to buy the most suitable file cabinet.


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